15 November 2015

Shower gel ( Duschgel)

Hi !

Today is Sunday but the weather is not so nice . That's the reason why I'm staying home today.
I want to make a review of the 2 shower gel that I finished. 

This Balea shower cream i liked very much . It is with blackberries,so smells fruity . In general I'm always very satisfied with the Balea shower products. They wash the body very good, they smell super and leave the skin soft . So for me it's a TOP product 

This is the shower gel from Original Source.  
They have so fantastic smell  and attractive  colors . They are all vegan and packed  with 100% natural fragrance. What can i say about !!!! I just loved it , this with  Grapefruit  and i have also other fragrances using for the moment. They do very good their job and leave the smell on the skin for long time. So TOP product. 

14 November 2015

Balea Shampoo

Hello girls!

Today i want to tell my experience with one Shampoo from Balea . From the "Balea Professional " line.

 Balea is a very economic brand from drugstore DM and mostly are very good products.I oft use them and I love them.But....this Shampoo I have to put in the Flop products.I have to say that the smell is fantastic and it is without silicon. The problem is that this product has done nothing in my hair, even not washing them (i have oily hair). The last thing that I can say is that this Shampoo will not be anymore in my list when I'll go shopping :( ..

13 November 2015

Cleansing wipes (Reiningungstücher)

Hello, I'm back
Today I would like to talk about Cleansing Wipes . These stuff that girls use all the time . I mean not only for cleaning up the Make up but also for other things . I always have one package in my hand Bag . 
There are many choices. You can find Cleansing Wipes in Drugstores , Supermarkets, Pharmacy , different types, brands , prices etc .
Usually i buy them in drugstore. There for sure you can find a low price and a good product.
Recently i was using these products: 

Isana Young from Rossmann 

Iseree from Lidl

I can say that they are really good .
They are without alcohol and they should remove also the waterproof Make up. 
They do good their job very good  and I'm very satisfied with them . I must say that mostly I liked the Iseree from Lidl . I find them more soft , very sensitive and with a  nice smell . So for me they are Top products. 

07 July 2015

Ebelin LE Life is a Journey

Hello girls !
Summer is here so we have more and more new and beautiful products coming out  :D .
This is the time of Ebelin , the own brand of DM that has a lot of accessories and beauty tools. The new limited edition is very nice . In DM we will find this colorfull collection only from 16.07 until  12.08 .

                                          The limited edition LIFE IS A JOURNEY

1. Concealer egg packing with 2 pieces -- cost 2,45 € (vegan) 
2. Mini nail files 8 pieces -- cost 1.45 €  (vegan )
3. Eyelash curler travel size -- cost 2,25 € (vegan )
4. Allroundtalent 3in1 eye brush + applicator -- cost  2,95 € (vegan ) 
5. Beauty Profil Make-up brush -- cost 3,95 €
6. Face Veil Powder brush -- cost 3,95 € (vegan)
7. Cheek Artists Blush brush --cost 3,95 € (vegan)

28 June 2015

Weleda Regenerations Öl

Hello girls .
Today I would like to talk about a new product for me that I bought around one month ago. 
The Regeneration Oil from Weleda


I have a oily skin that's why I never dared before to use any oil in my face . When I saw this product in a drugstore here in Germany , I thought ok i will take and use it in my legs or in some other part of the body that are very dry. 
But after i saw that this oil is not "oily" haha 
I mean the skin absorb it fast and is leaving your skin not greasy, the smell is fantastic . Normally I don't put it on my face everyday. Every time that i do a peeling of my face, after I'm applying this oil . I can say really that I see changes in my face. The skin is more soft and glowing more , looking more young .
I'm really satisfied with this product. I really recommend it to everyone to try it, especially to who has a dry skin . 
Definitely this is a product that I will buy again.

15 June 2015

Uma Cosmetics Lipstick

Today I want to present my new lipstick !
I had no information before about this brand but after seeing some posts on Instagram about these products I had desire to try. I found Uma Cosmetics products in one supermarket here in Germany 'Real'.
The brand is 'lowcost' and it has few but nice products. I decided for this Lipstick Number 800.
It is a coral and intensive coral ,not really matt but also not shiny . The feeling on the lips is very nice ,i like it . The best thing is that it last long comparing with some other low cost products. 
So this product has really surprised me and I think to try also other colors .

19 March 2015

Fabulous Fifties by Alverde

The Fabulous Fifties will come soon in Dm Market . From 28 March until 22 April you will find this sweet and beautiful collection from Alverde . I can't wait for it because it looks really fantastic . These are the new products that are coming :

  Lipstick (2,95€)

 1. Rockabella Red 10
 2. Sugar Rose 20
 3. Dominant Pink 30


 Eyebrown Gel (3,25€)
 1. Transparent 10
 2. Everybody's brown 20

 Eyeliner (3,25€)

1. Cameo Eyes 10
2. Tease Me Grey 20
3. Retro Black 30


Baked Rouge (3,95€)
1. Dizzy Peach 10
2. Lolli Pink 20

 Cleaning Powder (3,95€)


 Mono Eyeshadow (2,95€)

1. Paint Me Pink 10
2. Grey Light 20
3. Beauty Green 30


Mascara False Lashes (3,95€)

2in1 Peelingmaske (1,95€)

14 March 2015

New look for Balea shower and bath products

In a few days we will find the new producs from Balea in DM-market. New design for the Spring . Products that bring relaxation and refreshment for us . Can't wait to try them . New shower products :

09 March 2015

Balea Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is being more and more popular in recent years . This shampoo absorbs the oil in the hair without drying your scalp. It is a very good alternative but we should not use it very often . I was very curious to try one . My first dry shampoo is from Balea . I used already 2 times and is very easy . In my opionion this dry shampoo is absorbing the oil in the hair and is very practic in some moments but sure comparing with the result after washing the hair in normal way with water ,it is impossible to feel satisfied :P . Sure I want to try other brands but probably this kind of solution will be in my bag when i travel :D


12 February 2015

P2 The new products of Spring

So many nice products will come soon for us from P2 in the drugstore DM . Here down is the list with all these products . Can't wait to try them and you ? 



09 February 2015

La Lotion micellaire Avril

Avril Organic Cleansing Micellar Lotion.
I have ordered this product online in Eccoverde November 2014 and now is almost finished .
The product is in a bottle of 500 ml ,colorless liquid with a light and delicate fragrance. 
Avril is a Bio brand and certificated by ECOCERT.
To remove the make up all over the face including the eyes just pour a little product in a cotton pad and rub carefully . The lotion removes carefully make up and dirt leaving your skin soft and clean without drying it .
This lotion contains hydrolate organic cornflower and Aloe vera . From 1 to 10 I give 20 to this lotion ,really super ,delicate and I have not encountered any problem . Is to reccomend for every type of skin . 

08 February 2015

Alverde Anti-Aging Night Cream

Anti-Aging Night Cream Alverde for the skin from 30 .
Some weeks before i bought this product in the drugstore DM  in Germany .
This lotion is with Goji berries , the Vitamin E , Shea Butter ,vegetable Glycerin ,natural Coenzyme Q10 and Hyalyronic Acid . 
I am aplying it every night after cleaning the face and neck .
In my opionion is really a good product and the most important that is with all natural ingredients .
Feeling satisfied with it accept the smell that I don't like so much . I think is from the Goji berries,
it's tolerable but it would be perfect if the aroma would be nicer .