28 June 2015

Weleda Regenerations Öl

Hello girls .
Today I would like to talk about a new product for me that I bought around one month ago. 
The Regeneration Oil from Weleda


I have a oily skin that's why I never dared before to use any oil in my face . When I saw this product in a drugstore here in Germany , I thought ok i will take and use it in my legs or in some other part of the body that are very dry. 
But after i saw that this oil is not "oily" haha 
I mean the skin absorb it fast and is leaving your skin not greasy, the smell is fantastic . Normally I don't put it on my face everyday. Every time that i do a peeling of my face, after I'm applying this oil . I can say really that I see changes in my face. The skin is more soft and glowing more , looking more young .
I'm really satisfied with this product. I really recommend it to everyone to try it, especially to who has a dry skin . 
Definitely this is a product that I will buy again.