13 November 2015

Cleansing wipes (Reiningungstücher)

Hello, I'm back
Today I would like to talk about Cleansing Wipes . These stuff that girls use all the time . I mean not only for cleaning up the Make up but also for other things . I always have one package in my hand Bag . 
There are many choices. You can find Cleansing Wipes in Drugstores , Supermarkets, Pharmacy , different types, brands , prices etc .
Usually i buy them in drugstore. There for sure you can find a low price and a good product.
Recently i was using these products: 

Isana Young from Rossmann 

Iseree from Lidl

I can say that they are really good .
They are without alcohol and they should remove also the waterproof Make up. 
They do good their job very good  and I'm very satisfied with them . I must say that mostly I liked the Iseree from Lidl . I find them more soft , very sensitive and with a  nice smell . So for me they are Top products.