15 November 2015

Shower gel ( Duschgel)

Hi !

Today is Sunday but the weather is not so nice . That's the reason why I'm staying home today.
I want to make a review of the 2 shower gel that I finished. 

This Balea shower cream i liked very much . It is with blackberries,so smells fruity . In general I'm always very satisfied with the Balea shower products. They wash the body very good, they smell super and leave the skin soft . So for me it's a TOP product 

This is the shower gel from Original Source.  
They have so fantastic smell  and attractive  colors . They are all vegan and packed  with 100% natural fragrance. What can i say about !!!! I just loved it , this with  Grapefruit  and i have also other fragrances using for the moment. They do very good their job and leave the smell on the skin for long time. So TOP product.